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You search an education place with future perspective?

The education of young people stands at the company Albrecht Elektrotechnik at the highest place. With us the trainees learn in the training workshop and in the different departments. For many years we train the professional forces from tomorrow for which we guarantee an unlimited job with ourselves after the education.

We offer the following qualified jobs:

Industrial mechanic

Industrial mechanics produce the most different devices and production plants, they establish or reconstruction them.
They supervise and optimise manufacturing processes and take over repair work and servicing works.
The period of training amounts 3 1/2 years.

Technical Product Designer

Technical product designers help in the creation of technical products and utensils. They provide draughts, drawings, construction documents and technical documentations by means of special software, in particular to CAD programmes in 3D-technology. With the help of pencils and drawing paper they make the first sketches and draughts of products or product parts.
The period of training amounts 3 1/2 years.

Industrial Electronics Technician

Industrial Electronics Technican instal, electric company arrangements, production arrangements and procedure arrangements, from switch arrangements and tax arrangements wait and repair over arrangements of the energy supply up to facilities of the communication technology and lighting system.
The period of training amounts 3 1/2 years.

Computer Science Expert Subject Area: System Integration

This Education Job is not offered at the moment.

Have we inspired your curiosity?

Then send us your complete application documents (Covering letter, curriculum vitae, copy of the last three reports, training period confirmations) now by E-mail @  Applications in Paper will be digitalised by us and we return the originals to you.

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