Information responsibility for applicants

Name and contact data of the person responsible
(Article. 13 paragraphs 1 a DS-GVO)

albrecht Elektrotechnik GmbH
Im Engelfeld 10
87509 Immenstadt

Contact data of the data protection representative
(Article. 13 paragraphs 1 B DS-GVO)


Purpose and legal argument situations of the data processing
(Article. 13 paragraphs 1 C DS-GVO)

Winding up of applications / applicant’s selection procedures (§26 paragraph 1 BDSG anew)
Interests of the person responsible with interest consideration

(Article. 13 paragraphs 1 d DS-GVO)

Not appropriately.

Receiver or categories of receivers of the personal data
(Article. 13 paragraphs 1 e DS-GVO)

Employee of the personnel department (Recruiting) and to the setting of staff entitled employee of the specialised divisions

Transmission in third countries (article. 13 paragraphs 1 and the following DS-GVO)

No transmission of data occurs in third countries.

Memory duration according to legal safekeeping duties
(Article. 13 paragraphs 2 a DS-GVO)

A deletion of the personal data occurs six months after ending of the application process taking into account §61 B paragraph 1 ArbGG i. V.m. §15 AGG.

Surely on information, correction, deletion, restriction, data transferability and contradiction
(Article. 13 paragraphs 2 B DS-GVO)

As an affected person the right on information, correction and deletion of your data and on restriction of the processing, as well as a right on data transferability has you any time. Please, turn moreover to the persons responsible under

Contradiction right (kind. 21st paragraph 1 DS-GVO)

As far as the processing of your data occurs for the protection to legitimate interests, you have the right to contradict this processing under our given contact data any time if from your special situation reasons arise which stand in the way of this data processing. Then we will finish this processing, unless she serves prevailing protective-worthy interests on our part.

Complaint right (article. 13 paragraphs 2 d DS-GVO)

As Affected person / r you can turn with discomfort any time to the responsible land representative for the data protection and the freedom of information of your federal state.

Existence of an Erforderlichkeit for the supply of personal data
(Article. 13 paragraphs 2 e DS-GVO)

The upraised data are necessary for the realisation of the application procedure and the end of a contract. Without supply of the personal data a contract end and his realisation is not possible.


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